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> The mechs in X are EXTREMELY deriative.
> The Daughtress is pretty much a GM rip-off, then we have:

I figured Gyan cos of the cone-head. =)

> Grandine=Big Zam/Azzam
> RMS-006Jenice= MS-06 Zaku
> RMS-007 Juragg= MS-07 Gouf
> RMS-009 Septem=MS-09 Dom
> (Notice that all these mechs have similar model numbers to their UC
> counterparts!)

Yeah, that's kind of a tipoff. =) Alternate Universe? Try Parallel. X seems
like OYW with no Antarctic Treaty, and some CCA thrown in - 'Let's keep on
dropping those colonies, boys!' And the satellite cannon-equipped MS take
the place of nuclear weapons. Intriguing. The AW storyline would seem to be
worth continuing... if only I had English translations of 21-39. =) Oh well.

- dom

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