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I don't know whether it is me or not, but I have noticed something about
gundam in my little world:

I am a boarder in the UK where anime is less hot than US, however, being a
gundam fan, I have plenty of posters, music, vcds and dvds. Let me say
something about my year in the boarding house. There are 3 local UK people
and the rest comes from all over the world (none from Japan) and none of them
knows about gundam at the beginning, unlike Star-wars, which everyone knew.
Before those dubbed dvds, some like the music, others are interested in
Giren's Greed and Gundam Tactics. Being kids, they were interest in my dvds
in english, everyone watched it (0080 and 0083) from beginning to end. I
asked how they found it and I gathered that it was too fast (or are they
dumb?). They didn't know who was killing who in both series!! What I meant
is this: 0080 is slower and you only get one type of GM on screen or Kampfer
vs all while 0083 was faster but the series was longer, so they must have
understood the story by the end. I guess it is not so much as "who is killing
who" but "how are they killed". Just image the Giren's Greed Zion intro for

Thanks for reading, as you might have noticed, I haven't made a conclusion
yet. I thought you need a break ^_^. Anyway, I personally think that gundam
has too much politics/tactics and not enough action. A 8 or 9 years old kid
is not going to figure out what is going on (especially the Cima fleet, it was
a nightmare for me to explain...). This will restrict gundam to certain
groups of people, it is not made to target a wide audience. Although it is a
long lasting cartoon (for now) but it will never capture more than a few % of
the world's population.

I am not that good in communicating and my english is poor. Hope people
understand my view... Thanks again.

"On ne voit bien qu'avec le coeur.  L'essential est invisible pour les yeux."
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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