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Sun, 13 Aug 2000 09:41:13 -0400

Well, after 8 hours into the kit. I only finished the legs, waist, upper
body, backpack and head. And I'm somewhat impressed.

1. The plastic for the outer shell seems to be a bit flimsy/cheap when
compared to other
    MG's, maybe because of the size and the way they flare out. For
something of this size
    and price, you would figure that the lit would be sturdy, it's not -
referring to the shell.
2. Pay special attention to the Beam Tomahawk, it extends.
3. The plastic molds for the head assembly are of cheaper plastic.
4. I don't care for the vinyls that're included - for the Beam Sabers and
5. The fuel cylinders?, aren't secure enough and should be a tad bit longer.

Danny wrote:

Wow! It kicks ass!
I usually build my kit on the weekend. But, with this on, I couldn't wait.
So, I
decided to build it last night.
It looks assume! Size is Impressive and every joints are strong. This is
Mater Grade. Feel sorry for my MG Dom, it's not my favorite anymore.
taking over it's place on my task.
More amazing thing was I only spent 2-3 hours on it. May be because I didn't
any coloring. But, this is the easiest and fastest kit I've ever built. I
easiest MG I ever built. It had very few parts. MG RX-78 must have more
then this thing. So, don't let the box intimidate you.
Colors works great, too. I think I'm gonna do some panel lining and dirty it
a little. Well, may be some flat top coat on it. ( It's too shiny ) But,
about it.
I thought price was little high. But, it's well worth it. Highly


Not to be rude or anything, but are you sure you wasn't working on the 1/144
scale kit instead?

- Thomas -
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