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> A re-write wouldn't be needed, as I not talking about just the OYW, but
> of UC. Heck, a new UC story could be written that takes place after OYW,
> Zeta, Double Zeta, CCA, V, etc. UC can go on for hundreds of years, our AC
> calander has been around for 2000 years now, as it is after, 2000 AC,
> So what's to stop Gundam's fictional UC calander from going further?

There's also some gaps in the established timeline itself. Isn't there
something like 30 years between CCA and F91, and another 30 between that and
V? AFAIK all that populates those gaps are side stories, lots of room for
something big and shiny and new.

> A new thrid faction could be easily created. What if its a secert
> made up of people from both sides, that suddenlly makes itself known and
> makes a bid for power? Then, the Feds. and Zeon's could be forced by this
> faction to join forces, as this would be their only means of survivial
> aganist this new, powerfull faction.

What happened to Axis, eventually? Seems to me Zeon-everything sorta
disappeared while the Earth Federation hung around in various forms; third
parties rose up but there weren't any Zeons to join forces with - Crossbones
and Zanscare. Unless you want to think of them as Zeons in a different
uniform. =) (I'm finally going to get to read Crossbone Gundam! Thanks to
the maintainer of, whoever you are.)

> To make things interesting, this faction could have a new type of Mobile
> Suit and since Bandai/Sunrise needs a Gundam, to call it a Gundam show,
> Feds. and Zeon's would have to steal some of this faction's new MS
> technology, to create a Gundam to keep this faction's attention

Bah, why go with a third party? We know the Feds get weaker in later
series - why not show how that happened? Why not a civil war? The spacenoids
would sit back in amusement and watch as their nemesis beats itself into a
pulp. Hell, maybe they're the ones who incited it, somehow, without getting
drawn in. Gods know the Federation is already corrupt and rotting; it
shouldn't take too much to get all those scheming bastards at each others
throats. =)

> while they start production on a new mass produced Mobile Suit, that
> the aging?, GM line. This line would have a different name, but serve the
> purpose that GM's do.

Grunt? Cannon fodder? =) Someday I want to see a show called 'Mobile Suite
GM'. And Les, the Jav and Jeg *are* part of the GM line, if you want to go
by model numbers: RGM-89x Jegan series, RGM-109 Heavygun, RGM-111 Hardygun,
RGM-119 Jamesgun, RGM-122 Javelin. And though I haven't seen V yet, some of
the League model numbers for the GM-style MS look like they're Hardygun
descendants. (Yay!)

- dom

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