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In order to shed some light on whether Turn-A was indeed a failure,
I've gone back through Newtype mag. for the past year and compiled
some statistics...

Whenever another gundam series showed up, I included it's ranking as well.
My newtypes don't go back as far as when X Gundam was being shown but
it would be interesting to compare the two series' stats.

Can Turn A be deemed a failure? I don't know. The TV rating aren't
good but then I've heard that it wasn't widely shown across Japan.

Turn A was at the top of Newtype's popularity poll for a long time,
only recently falling down the charts. But these rankings seem sort
of capricious.

Anyway, take a look and give your opinions.

Maybe Bandai didn't get a Doros load of cash out of Turn-A, but
Tomino got to make it his way, and the series wasn't cut short, so
perhaps you could give the victory to the Artist over Capitalism...?


Turn A statistics

source: Newtype 7/99 - 8/00

TV ratings

avg. 3.1
highest 4.1
lowest 1.7

Newtype Favorite Series Poll (Top 20)
        Turn A
7/99 1st (08th MS team=17th)
8/99 1
9/99 2 (08th MS team=17th) (Z Gundam=14th)
10/99 1 (08th MS team=16th) (1st Gundam=9th)
11/99 2 (08th MS team=18th) (1st Gundam=9th)
12/99 2
1/00 1
2/00 3
3/00 3 (1st Gundam=8th)
4/00 3 (Wing Gundam=16th)
5/00 3
6/00 6
7/00 7
8/00 14th (Ist Gundam=10th)

Top 10 best selling LDs
7/99 1st 08th MS team vol. 10
8/99 3rd 08th MS team vol. 10
10/99 1st 08th MS Last Resort
11/00 7th 08th MS Last Resort
2/00 5th Turn A vol. 1

(in 4/00 Newtype started ranking DVDs in place of LDs)

Top 10 best selling DVDs
4/00 2nd 0083 vol.1
         3rd 0083 vol.2
         6th Turn A vol.2
5/00 2nd 0083 vol.3
         3rd 0083 vol.4
         9th 0083 vol.2
         10th 0083 vol.1
7/00 6th Turn A vol. 5
8/00 6th Turn A vol. 6

Top 10 best selling CDs
10/99 5th Turn A OST vol. 1
11/99 10th Turn A OST vol. 1
   2/00 3rd Turn A OST vol. 2

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