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> > This could be set far in the Future in the UC time line, to avoid
> > with the already set in stone Gundam shows.
> >
> > Aaron
> yes But.. who will the second or even first factions be? near as i can
> figure from OYW to CCA Zeon and it's cuccessors get too seriously
> thumped after each series and movie to be much of a threat and afterr
> that we have the Crossbone Vanguards and after that the Zanscar Empire..
> heck we don't even know if the Federation survives as a major power on
> into V Gundam.. a third faction is a great idea but who are you going to
> pit them against in this far future UC Gundam show?
> -Les

Hey, it's not quite Gundam but you guys need to rent/watch/buy Ehrgeiz. :)
It's got three faction goodness pretty much figured out.


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