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Joseph Riggs wrote:

> This information comes from Protoculture Addicts #59, the February/March
> 2000 issue (its the issue with Heero and his Gundam Wing on the cover, and
> has synopsis of Wing, EW, and 08th MS), and is found in a little filler
> paragraph about 3/4 of the way down on the left hand column of page 5. It
> reads as follows:

That should read "right hand column of page 5."

> "Turn X Gundam will be the title of the next Gundam TV series that will
> soon replace Turn A Gundam, which ended in early 2000. Syd Mead will again
> be in charge of the mechanical designs. (Sources: Newtype, Animeland #57)"

Who really does know the difference between left and right. Honest!

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