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BlazeEagle@aol.com wrote:
> To make things interesting, this faction could have a new type of Mobile
> Suit and since Bandai/Sunrise needs a Gundam, to call it a Gundam show, the
> Feds. and Zeon's would have to steal some of this faction's new MS
> technology, to create a Gundam to keep this faction's attention diverted,
> while they start production on a new mass produced Mobile Suit, that replaces
> the aging?, GM line. This line would have a different name, but serve the
> purpose that GM's do.
isn't there already several successors to the GM? like the Jegan and
Javlin and what have you?

> This could be set far in the Future in the UC time line, to avoid conflicts
> with the already set in stone Gundam shows.
> Aaron

yes But.. who will the second or even first factions be? near as i can
figure from OYW to CCA Zeon and it's cuccessors get too seriously
thumped after each series and movie to be much of a threat and afterr
that we have the Crossbone Vanguards and after that the Zanscar Empire..
heck we don't even know if the Federation survives as a major power on
into V Gundam.. a third faction is a great idea but who are you going to
pit them against in this far future UC Gundam show?


oh, and the AC calender as only go to AC 196.. the AD calander is up to

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