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<< in taht case what you are talking about is a re-write.. because unless
 the info i have is faulty the true OYW ended at A Baou a Que and that
 happened at the end fo the year.. by OYW era i think he means everything
 from original Gundam to Zeta and not jsut the war itself.. i stil don't
 see how a third factoin can enter into this. since at the end of each
 major the main antagonist (Zeon, Neo-Zeon, etc..) get so
 severly beat-down that there is little left of them to be involved in
 more than gurrilla actoin.. the only other alternative would be to
 re-write the events in one of the major series' >>

  A re-write wouldn't be needed, as I not talking about just the OYW, but all
of UC. Heck, a new UC story could be written that takes place after OYW,
Zeta, Double Zeta, CCA, V, etc. UC can go on for hundreds of years, our AC
calander has been around for 2000 years now, as it is after, 2000 AC, right?
So what's to stop Gundam's fictional UC calander from going further?

  A new thrid faction could be easily created. What if its a secert society
made up of people from both sides, that suddenlly makes itself known and
makes a bid for power? Then, the Feds. and Zeon's could be forced by this
faction to join forces, as this would be their only means of survivial
aganist this new, powerfull faction.

  To make things interesting, this faction could have a new type of Mobile
Suit and since Bandai/Sunrise needs a Gundam, to call it a Gundam show, the
Feds. and Zeon's would have to steal some of this faction's new MS
technology, to create a Gundam to keep this faction's attention diverted,
while they start production on a new mass produced Mobile Suit, that replaces
the aging?, GM line. This line would have a different name, but serve the
purpose that GM's do.

  This could be set far in the Future in the UC time line, to avoid conflicts
with the already set in stone Gundam shows.


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