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Charlie Hetherington wrote:
> Well perhaps the one year war could be extended 6 months (As i recall the
> 100 year war was a few years longer), thus allowing Zeon and Feds to
> dispatch these invaders. The invaders could steal the gundam technology (all
> they would have had is MS's). Then they could make their own "gundams".
> -No Pants
in taht case what you are talking about is a re-write.. because unless
the info i have is faulty the true OYW ended at A Baou a Que and that
happened at the end fo the year.. by OYW era i think he means everything
from original Gundam to Zeta and not jsut the war itself.. i stil don't
see how a third factoin can enter into this. since at the end of each
major series.movie the main antagonist (Zeon, Neo-Zeon, etc..) get so
severly beat-down that there is little left of them to be involved in
more than gurrilla actoin.. the only other alternative would be to
re-write the events in one of the major series'


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