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Yeah, In the saturn game Blue Destiny - Side Story 3, the RX-79BD-3 does
have the"amphibious" capabilities of the RX-78-2. Although, from what I can
gather in the manga and game, it's pretty modified.
steve grace
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> I've been wondering...are they less powerful than the RX-78-2? I've always
> thought of the 79 series as sort of an enhanced GM and nothing more
> really....besides, they don't have the "amphibious" ability of the 78
> series(Being able to operate both on ground and in space-although I've
> pics of Blue Destiny 2 and 3 in that might be different) and
> you have the removal of the core block system. Plus, having them being
> significantly less powerful makes them more believable in the One-Year-War
> setting of events...
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