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But how would this fit into the already crowded One Year War timeline? Also,
keep in mind that Bandai will have to put some kind of Gundam in there, and
the One Year War is already crowded with them-RX-78-2, NT-1, all those

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>I'd like to see more stuff like 08th MS Team. Espcailly GM combat I'd
> >like to see a thrid faction pop up in Gundam, one that doesn't like
>either the Feds. or the Zeon's, that has their own Gundam like mecha
> >symbol,
>one that has the well fare of innocent, peace loving, people in mind. >The
>Feds. and the Zeon's on going war, needs a wrench thrown in the gears, >to
>spice thing's up.

I say we need the third party too, but a faction that lives only for the
destruction and or conquer of other peoples, this way Zeon and the Feds
might make a temporary treaty to ward off these new invaders. It sounds
played out (other movies or games) but hell JUMP ON THE BANDWAGON GUNDAM!!!!
  Besides I feel that the people at sunrise could make it cool.

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