Charlie Hetherington (
Sat, 12 Aug 2000 22:41:20 CDT

>I'd like to see more stuff like 08th MS Team. Espcailly GM combat I'd
> >like to see a thrid faction pop up in Gundam, one that doesn't like
>either the Feds. or the Zeon's, that has their own Gundam like mecha
> >symbol,
>one that has the well fare of innocent, peace loving, people in mind. >The
>Feds. and the Zeon's on going war, needs a wrench thrown in the gears, >to
>spice thing's up.

I say we need the third party too, but a faction that lives only for the
destruction and or conquer of other peoples, this way Zeon and the Feds
might make a temporary treaty to ward off these new invaders. It sounds
played out (other movies or games) but hell JUMP ON THE BANDWAGON GUNDAM!!!!
  Besides I feel that the people at sunrise could make it cool.

No Pants

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