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<< Getting back on there still a considerable Japanese interest in
 seeing more Gundam? I know it's a cultural thing and all that, but so is
 Star Wars in the states, and not everybody is interested in seeing Episode
 II(Although it is getting a lot of hype)

   Good, question. Remember though, that Gundam has put out much more stuff
then Star Wars. It seems Gundam has covered more ground then SW has. There's
more interest in Gundam then there is in Japan. The first Gundam series is 21
years old and they are still making brand new kits and toys from it, with no
sign of stopping. Yeah, there was new original SW trilogy toys, but not to
the level of Gundam.

  What I mean by this is, Gundam, at least in Japan, interest in it is still
very high, compared to the US interest in SW. They should reanimate/relaunch
First Gundam, as it seems Japanese Gundam fan's like it the best, at least
according to all the new kits and toys. Zeta as well. While I like GW and
want to see X and G, I am more interested in watching all 49 episodes of
First Gundam, Zeta, Double Zeta, CCA and V Gundam, them I am the other AC

  The V Gundam designs are very cool, IMHO. I hope AnimeVillage/Bandai
eventually get's to subbing Zeta soon. I want to see Z and V very badly.

  Besides, Episode 1 was basically a set up for the event's in Episode 2 and
3. People forget this about Episode 1. I wasn't expecting Episode 1 to do
more then it did. Episode 1 introduced young Anakin, young Obi-Wan, etc.
Episode 1 is the the first part of a 3 parter. Same with the Gundam movie's,
1 is good, but you need to see 2 and 3, to get the complete story.

    I'd like to see more stuff like 08th MS Team. Espcailly GM combat vs.
Zeon's mass produced MS. I'd like to see a Gundam show, fully from Zeon's
View point. I am tired of seeing Feds. all the time. To be honest, neither
side is really safe for innocent people. Neither side can fully left off the
hook. I'd like to see a thrid faction pop up in Gundam, one that doesn't like
either the Feds. or the Zeon's, that has their own Gundam like mecha symbol,
one that has the well fare of innocent, peace loving, people in mind. The
Feds. and the Zeon's on going war, needs a wrench thrown in the gears, to
spice thing's up.

  At the end of CCA, are Feds. and Zeons gone? Are they still in V Gundam? I
don't want to futher explain this, if there are no longer Feds. and Zeon's in
the UC universe.


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