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Sun, 13 Aug 2000 01:46:41 GMT

>more for the "famous lines you'll never hear in Gundam" list
>Casval Daikun when announcing the formation of the Neo-Zeon nation: We
>are the things that were and shall be again.
>Zechs to OZ after wiping out a whole squadron of Taurus Mobile Dolls:
>Yeah.. alright you primative screwheads Listen Up! (holds up dobergun)
>This, is my BOOM STICK!!
>Herro to Treize after meeting him in his Luxumborg castle: Well He-lo
>Mister Fancy-Pants... i got news fur you pal you ain't leading but two
>things right now..
>Gato after stealing GP02: HAHAHAHA.. Thank You Generous Hosts! HAHAHA!
>Zechs after fighting off OZ in TallGeese: Good? Bad? I'm the guy with
>the Dobergun
>Qatre after blowing up a space colony: Good? Bad? i'm the guy with the
>Twin Buster Rifle
>Kou in GP03 after hearing one to many Glorious Zeon and decadent
>Federation speeches from Gato: *ZAP!* Good? Bad? i'm the guy with the
>Mega-particle cannon
>Amuro looking at himself in the mirror after killing Lalah: I'm Okay,
>i'm okay.. (mirror image reaches out and grbs Amuro) O-kay? O-kay?! we
>just stabbed our girlfriend thorugh the cockpit with a beam saber...
>does that sound O-Kay to you?
>Herro to Relena: Gimme some suger baby.
>WuFei after using Shen-Long's Dragon-Fang for the first time: Groovy!
>any non-Gundam MS pilot firing on a Gundam: what a piece of armor this

Les, methinks you've been watching Army of Darkness too much. LOL!!!!
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