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A Gundam kit source so close to home and I didn't realize it(Slams head
against keyboard)
So the figures are at places other than KB now...

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I was in the Toy's R Us in Manchester, NH this afternoon.
They have (had at that time) 4 of the 5 GW MSIA(?) 4" figures, no Sand Rock.
1/100th scale Epyon, Wing Zero, Heavy Arms and Death Scythe HG kits and
about, as
near as I could count, 12-15 different 1/144 scale GW kits.

The MSIA's(?) were $6.99 each.
The 1/100 kits were $19.99 to $27.99.
The 1/144 kits were all priced at $9.99.

The display, near the front entrance door, is about 1/2 depleted.

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