Chris Beilby (
Sat, 12 Aug 2000 23:44:26 GMT

>>Well, things seem a bit slow, so I'm polling.
>>My opinions:
>>Ziong or Big Zam.
>Based on visuals alone, perhaps. But wait until you see these in action...

Oops... I forgot to register my votes...

Universal Century: I have to say the Zakrello, also known as the Pac-Man
from Hell...

>>The entire universe of G Gundam.
>Well, since AC means only After Colony...
>Besides, G has some very nice designs. I like the Nobel and Rose Gundams,
>for example... The Windmill and Mermaid Gundams on the other hand...

Alternate universe Gundams? Well, I'd say probably the Windmill Gundam or
the Mermaid Gundam, as I said above.

As for Gundams that never appeared in Anime, well, I'll go back to the UC
setting, and choose the MSZ-006C1(Bst) Zetaplus "Hummingbird" from Gundam
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