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By series:
(Includes MAs too)
Z:Bound Doc
ZZ:Hamma Hamma
CCA:Jagd Doga
0080:Suppose you could say the Drakens...
0083:None really, I'm generally a fan of all the mechs in this one.
V Gundam:Sandhog
G:Pretty much everything with the exception of the title mech and
non-Gundam, non-devil army MS.
Wing:Cancer. Zaniest Gundam design awards go to Shenlong...
EW:None, really, although Zero custom looks a little awkward for a Gundam
X:All the mechs are deriative anyway with the exception of the X and
Turn A: Don't even ask.

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> > Well, things seem a bit slow, so I'm polling.
> >
> > My opinions:
> > UC:
> > Ziong or Big Zam.
> >
> > AC:
> > The entire universe of G Gundam.
> >
> by AC it's assumed means After-colony.. the alternate Universe in which
> Gundam Wing happns, not all alternate universes for Gundam.. but anyway
> UC:
> MSA-005 Methuss
> AC:
> OZ-08MMS Cancer
Err, change that to AU - Alternate Universes.

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