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What are the big cracks from? I know as a matter of fact that the pieces
fit snugly together on the Deathscythe, so what happened?
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I'm a little bit of the lazy type of modeller, but I'm gradually progressing
from just snapping the things together to becoming more professional. I
actually adapted the DS coloring scheme from Katoki's Hobby Japan
version...kind of seems like a Halloweenish Deathscythe, personally....BTW
you'll notice even bigger cracks in the Rose's left leg....

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Well, the image is too blurry for me to tell the texture of your paintwork.
I would recommend you to get a better digital camera first. Anyway, from
what I can tell from the picture, there appear to be two huge cracks on the
legs of Deathscythe. To me it is a big turn-off. Why don't you try to use
some putty or liquid cement to fill the gaps? It would give you a much
better result.
I like the color scheme of your Rose Gundam. It has a different flavor then
the original white and blue scheme. It sort of reminded me of the colonial
French and their red uniform (or was that the British? I don't remember...)
But for the Deathscythe, blue and red do not quite match its name, "death".
So I personally feel a more gloom color scheme will fit better.

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>Subject: [gundam] My customized Gundam models
>Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2000 15:26:47 -0400
>Thought I'd show off a little and show people my custom paint jobs on both
>the 1/144 Deathscythe and the 1/144 Rose Gundam. The Deathscythe is done in
>Katoki's color scheme for it(I used a pic on Burke's site as reference, and
>also used Mark's DS pic as a coloring reference). The Rose Gundam, I
>to make it more like a rose, hence a good deal of red and a lot of gold.
>The pic's a little blurry, and I admit my painting skills aren't the
>best(Notice the right leg of Rose Gundam), but I'd like to welcome any
>opinions from people more experienced than me.
>Here's the link:
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