Tabby (
Fri, 11 Aug 2000 22:36:30 -0700

Just got mine, nice kit. It has great articulation, and I'd almost say that
the proportions are so improved as to be the best part of the kit, but the
((best)) part is the construction. Much like the Hyaku Shiki before it, the
construction is designed to mimic that of the "actual" HiZak, particularly
in the case of the armor and tubing. However, there are some things the kit
lacks, namely four weapons.

HZ only comes with one weapon, the retro-machinegun. This is annoying,
especially since other HGUC kits come with a variety of weapons (even the
Hyaku Shiki). The basic HiZak was supposed to be able to carry two weapons
at a time, although this was dictated by low power output. It could be
armed with either the Machingun and Beam Sabre, or Heat Hawk and Beam Rifle
(identical to the Marasai's). If nothing else, the kit should've included a
Beam Rifle, but all four weapons would've been more appropriate. Don't get
me wrong, the kit is beatiful compared to it's Z-Grade predecessor, but the
lack of armament is a major oversight.


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