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On 11 Aug 00, at 13:05, Edward Ju wrotf:

> >I read somewhere that Kou was considered to personify the
> >stereotypical view of Gundam fans, or fans of anything in general.
> >He's obsessed with mobile suits and can't talk straight to women
> >without panicking, and goes into temper tantrums when he doesn't get
> >what he wants. Just something I read, I don't mean to rile anybody up
> >:)
> LOL, where did you hear that? There must be some truth to it,
> otherwise you won't have a legion of Kou-haters who must
> subconsciously recognized that they were being made fun of.

UC Hearld 2, page 82

"Although he was a genius when it comes to mecha, he was just an
infant in everything else. Obviously he didn't know how to deal
women, nor did he know what is right and what is wrong. He lacked
self-control and discipline completely, often putting his feeling above
his responsibility. ...

His personality was ill-suited for the military and he broke the rules
over and over(well, otaku don't make good soliders.. :-)."

I think there were also similar remark in UC Hearld 1. But I am too
lazy to break the seal on my autographed copy.

Jim Huang

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