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>Kou should have stayed on the ground and not tried to go play the "hero".
Still, I give him a few points for trying his best, which was obviously not
good enough.

If anything, that was his saving grace, that he was a stubborn SOB.

><< ((more competent pilot would have been able to handle the situation
better than Kou.))
>granted, but considering Kou's lack of expireince he's lucky to have
survived >>
>He only survived because Gato didn't want waste his time on such a
pathetic opponent.

I agree with this. Gato already had the mission objective done, so why
waste time grandstanding? Unlike Kou, who made a royal mess of things with
the GP03.

><< ((The fact that Operation Stardust succeeded is irrelevant to the
character of Kou Uraki. We didn't need him to save the day, we just needed
to have him act like a MAN.))
>a big, sweaty, hairy-chested MAN! *OO-Rah* Get me a Beer Woman! >>
>That's not what being a man is about.

Being a man is facing up to all the unpleasantness that either you or life
throws at you, and having the grace to bear it all with equanimity.

>He's a wuss and I don't feel sorry for him. He was in over his head and he
should have been a man about it and admitted it and taken himself out,
especially after he almost got the GP-01 destroyed against Cima. He only
returned to pilot the GP-01fb because Nina wanted him to. I guess that
shows you who the boss was in that relationship!

Tehcnically, Kou was in way over his head the whole time. To be honest, if
Cima had something better than the gp04 tio knock him out with in the last
battle, he would have been toast. He is the worst main pilot in the
series, I think. I agree, Monsha would have been a better pilot.

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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