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>> a big, sweaty, hairy-chested MAN! *OO-Rah* Get me a Beer Woman! >>
>> That's not what being a man is about.
>alright, what is being a Man all about? and what does being a man have
>to do with this anyway? what if the test pilot who first got ahold of
>Unit one had been a woman?

Ease up. when we say "man" we mean what it means to be human.

>> Who says? If Gato had been given that assignment on his first mission, I
think he would have relished it. Gato was that kind of guy.
>relished it maybe, but as a newbie pilot agaisnt a seasoned ace would he
>have been any more succesfull?

That depends on how skilled one is. I bet some other people who are idiots
have been knocked off by more resourceful normal pilots.

>i thought taking out those doms and zakus near single-handedly in the
>break-out from the riverbed in the Africa battle took some skill.. and i
>don't buy Gato not killing Kou because he didn't have time to wast.. if
>Gato was as supiroor as you say he could have gutted Kou's Gundam before
>he even left the base

That goes against principle. why knock off a nobody? And yes, Kou had
some skill, true, but the question in war is how many times you can do it.

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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