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wow.. you really are the gundam god :)

thanks for the info, and anothe thing, excellent work with the Giren's
Greed stuff, makes me wish i had a Playstation and could read/speak
Japanese.. being able to make the kind of interesting history/altering
desicions that seem possible in this game make me wonder why we can't
have cool stuff like this in america

btw.. finaly nailed down what i like most about your MS renditions.. the
torsos are smaller it seems in proportion to the rest of the unit
compared to other illustrations, which gives them a chunky/stocky feel..
yours look more sleek and dangerous.

Mark Simmons wrote:
> Les asks,
> >call me obsessive but while pondering the success (and failure) of the
> >Gouf flight type i've ben wondring.. how many Mobile suits (gundam and
> >mundane) are capable of sustained flight in an atmosphere? not counting
> >variable mobile suits with a dedicated flight mode...
> Even they don't have an easy time of it. The Gaplant, for example, is
> designed for space use and thus uses propellant-fueled rockets rather
> than air-breathing jet engines... that's why it has to ride on a support
> device while in transit, and can only fly under its own power for brief
> periods.
> In Z Gundam, we start seeing mobile suits with enough sheer thrust to
> stay aloft for brief periods, but as long as they're using rocket
> thrusters their air time is going to be strictly limited. Of the Z
> lineup, the Asshimar, Z Gundam, and Byarlant are probably the only ones
> designed for extended (i.e. jet-enabled) flight. The Psyco Gundams, of
> course, can hover thanks to their Minovsky Craft systems.
> From F91 onwards, we see a lot more flying mobile suits, perhaps thanks
> to increased fuel efficiency (in theory, a hotter reactor should get more
> thrust out of the same volume of propellant). After this, everything
> seems to be able to fly like Superman without worrying about fuel
> constraints...
> -- Mark
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