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Fri, 11 Aug 2000 18:08:51 -0700

> Gato was a legend even before his death.
> Kou is now living in disgrace, a forgotten footnote in the world of the
Universal Century.
> Oh, I find the fact that some people consider Kou to be the equal of Gato
to be very funny indeed.

It is completely obvious that Gato was a far better man and pilot then Kou.
He really fought for something he believed in, and died for it in the end.
It really was a gripping scene when all the Zeon pilots rather then giving
up decided to figtht to every last man. The speech that Gato gave was pretty
emotional when he said if at least one man makes it through to the Axis
fleet our objective will have been accomplished.
It seemed to me as though Kou didn't know where he belonged and was just
trying to fit in. Gato was right, he didn't have anything he believed in or
and ideal that he would fight for to the death. I think this makes him
lesser then Gato. He was just wayward it seemed to me.

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