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> >Indeed the Tenchi series has many funny moments in it, but I couldn't think
> >of any at the moment to name.
> >
> >I saw the Tenchi OAV series first and it is the one I have grown to love. It
> >is far better in my opinion then the Universe series.
> >
> I don't know. I've really liked the last few episodes (especially today's and the two before), and besides, Universe has the coolest character in the series, Kiyone. Sorry, but out of all the characters, I like her best....followed probably by Ryoko.

The big reason I like OVA best (besides the fact that I've only seen seven episodes from TU!) is the fact that the characters are so much more complex. As an example, if you remove Kagato, Yosho, and the cave from OVA Ryoko's past, you end up with the
TV version, which I think is a much less complex character. And unlike the OVA Ryoko, I never could figure out why TV Ryoko fell so hard for Tenchi.
Unfortunately for Kiyone, a lot of OVA fans don't want to see her in the possible third OVA. Why? OVA Mihoshi isn't nearly as awful as TV Mihoshi is, and most OVA fans think that its because of Kiyone's presence. Once you put Kiyone in, Mihoshi MUST
lose all of her competent traits, otherwise Kiyone would be unable to play the straight woman. Most fans like her, but they don't want to see her in an OVA continuation.
Of course, as a possible compromise, it has been suggested that if she ever appeared, she could be posted in a nearby system, and only drop by from time to time (which would probably leave Kiyone quite pleased... =P)


"She's a genius, I think."
        --Washu speaking of Mihoshi, Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki

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