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Les asks,

>call me obsessive but while pondering the success (and failure) of the
>Gouf flight type i've ben wondring.. how many Mobile suits (gundam and
>mundane) are capable of sustained flight in an atmosphere? not counting
>variable mobile suits with a dedicated flight mode...

  Even they don't have an easy time of it. The Gaplant, for example, is
designed for space use and thus uses propellant-fueled rockets rather
than air-breathing jet engines... that's why it has to ride on a support
device while in transit, and can only fly under its own power for brief

  In Z Gundam, we start seeing mobile suits with enough sheer thrust to
stay aloft for brief periods, but as long as they're using rocket
thrusters their air time is going to be strictly limited. Of the Z
lineup, the Asshimar, Z Gundam, and Byarlant are probably the only ones
designed for extended (i.e. jet-enabled) flight. The Psyco Gundams, of
course, can hover thanks to their Minovsky Craft systems.

  From F91 onwards, we see a lot more flying mobile suits, perhaps thanks
to increased fuel efficiency (in theory, a hotter reactor should get more
thrust out of the same volume of propellant). After this, everything
seems to be able to fly like Superman without worrying about fuel

-- Mark

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