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Indeed the Tenchi series has many funny moments in it, but I couldn't think
of any at the moment to name.

I saw the Tenchi OAV series first and it is the one I have grown to love. It
is far better in my opinion then the Universe series.

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> << I prefered the original Tenchi series (whats the deal with
> all the alternate universes?) but there are a lot of great
> scenes in Forever, also some really cute scenes from Pretty Sammy... >>
> You mean the O.V.A Tenchi series, right? I'm glad CN show that First(I
> that's the one you mean), as the Tenchi that's being shown now, doesn't
> "feel" that the OVA did.
> The series playing now isn't as funny and isn't as good as the OVA. Its
> good, but its just seems "off" and "mediocre" compared to the OVA. I like
> both, but I like the OVA better.
> Tenchi yells too much! I guess I would too with all those crazies around
> Tenchi! ;) I liked the OVA Tenchi better.
> I fully understand fans complaints about it now. Tenchi Universe is
> diffentally an "alternate" story. It defines the word "alternate"
> :)
> One question, is Tenchi's Grandfather's true identity the same as it was
> the OVA? There, I managed to avoid too big of a spoiler, at least I hope
> Aaron
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