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<< Well, I think its hinted from episode 4 on (when there is a comment or two about the way that the search for Gato is being conducted on Earth) that the Federation command doesn't exactly intend for the Albion to succeed. With that being the case, giving the state of the art unit to a squadron that is composed partially of rookies makes complete sense. >>

Not really, unless you are willing to sacrifice a state of the art mobile suit. They probably deferred to Captain Sinapus, who in turn deferred to his MS commander, South Burning. Fed Command probably assumed he or one of his top test pilots would fly it. I imagine once they found out that Kou was piloting it, they went "What the F@%K?!"

<<And if Kou is a test pilot, he can undoubtedly fly a lot better than if he was just out of flight school.>>

Kou was not a test pilot, despite what he said. He was a target pilot, flying Zakus and Gelgoog adversaries against more experienced REAL test pilots like Burning and Dick Allen. Kou was basically a wannabe. Real test pilots (at least in todays military) have years of experience and are really the "cream of the crop". Kou, is at the "bottom of the barrel".

<<My feeling was never that Kou was a poor pilot in and of itself. He just didn't have the nerves of steel that he picks up over the series. Episode one is his first time in combat, and so after his initial adrenaline rush, he freezes up. When the bullets weren't real (beginning of episode 1, and episode 3 against Mosha(?)), he had no problem handling himself.>>

Easy to do once the pressure of real fire is taken off. Besides, he beat Monsha only because he got careless.

<<It wasn't until his time spent repairing the Val Valo that he develops his "combat nerves" (for lack of a better term - and I should add that why exactly repairng an armor with a possible enemy would help someone's nerves is a little beyond me).>>

In the 6 years I spent in Marine Corps Fixed Wing aviation, I never once saw a pilot ever pick up a tool or fix ANYTHING that had to do with his plane. Not a knock on them, it wasn't their job. I just find it highly unusual to see a pilot fixing anything, especially an enemy mobile armor. As if Kou doesn't have enough going against him, this also makes him responsible for Kelly Layzner's death.

<<On the bright side, at least he wasn't an egotistical jerk, like a certain other Gundam series "hero" that I can think of.>>

I'm know you are not talking about Camille or Amuro. =)


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