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After a little bit of searching, I found where I read's an article
from Animerica on Anime Loser heroes(Vol 7, No#2. Interestingly, no author
is credited, but due to the fact that a good 1/4th of a page is devoted to
Gundam's heroes, I'm quessing it might be Mark. Anyway, here's the exact
passage "Girl-shy Kou Uraki is a trivia-memorizing mobile suit enthusiast(in
a way, Kou could be seen as a stand in for Model-kit Crazy fans of the
series)" ... It also goes on how Amuro, Camille, and Judo could also be
considered nerds.

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>I read somewhere that Kou was considered to personify the stereotypical
>of Gundam fans, or fans of anything in general. He's obsessed with mobile
>suits and can't talk straight to women without panicking, and goes into
>temper tantrums when he doesn't get what he wants. Just something I read, I
>don't mean to rile anybody up :)

LOL, where did you hear that? There must be some truth to it, otherwise
you won't have a legion of Kou-haters who must subconsciously recognized
that they were being made fun of.


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