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((That's not what being a man is about.))
alright, what is being a Man all about? and what does being a man have to do with this anyway? >>

It's about being mature and making rational decisions in crucial situations. Kou is immature and irrational. He's not the guy I would want as a wingman. I couldn't count on him or Keith to keep their heads in battle.

<< what if the test pilot who first got ahold of Unit one had been a woman? >>

If she can fly a mobile suit and handle herself in battle, I say "You go, girl!" (BTW, Emma Sheen is my babe!)

<<Who says? If Gato had been given that assignment on his first mission, I think he would have relished it. Gato was that kind of guy.

relished it maybe, but as a newbie pilot agaisnt a seasoned ace would he have been any more succesfull?>>

The Red Baron was shot down by a tenacious rookie pilot who had a lot of guts. Gato would have been able to hold his own.

<<all other things being equal the probably were (remember Nina's evaluation of the test-data the fist time Kou took the Gundam out?)>>

I say she fudged the data. Nothing in the animation backs up her claims. I personally think she picked Kou because she knew she could "control" him (him being a basic wuss, and now pu$$ywhipped on top of that), whereas a "real" test pilot would have pushed the GP-01 to the edge of the envelope, much to Nina's chagrin ("Aiieeee!! Atashi no Gundam!!!").
Kou got his ass kicked constantly in those first few battles. I didn't see anything in those combat scenes that made me think Kou showed any "real" skill as a mobile suit pilot. Did you?

i thought taking out those doms and zakus near single-handedly in the break-out from the riverbed in the Africa battle took some skill.. >>

He's in a fully armed Gundam, I would expect him to be able to take out some mere Zakus and Doms. But even so, Nina's "evaluations" were BEFORE this battle.

<<and i don't buy Gato not killing Kou because he didn't have time to wast.. if Gato was as supiroor as you say he could have gutted Kou's Gundam before he even left the base>>

Gato is a busy man, he had places to go and people to see. It would have pleased me to no end if he had ended all of our misery by dispatching Kou.

If Gato had killed kou, it wouldn't have been much of a story now would it?

Oh, when Kou came charging after Gato, screaming like a b*tch, Gato didn't even remember him. I think that goes to show you what Gato thought of Kou.
who is just having one too many High School flash-backs reading this>>
<<((Was I one of those football players who gave you a wedgie when you were a freshman?

obviously not but this does remind me of a too-often repeated scenario.. the popular jock get's all the aclaim and attention while the geek just get's scorn and ridicule

Who's now wondering when the moderators are gonna start jumping up and down on both of our heads >>

People should get acclaim and attention, WHEN they deserve it. People should get scorn and ridicule only WHEN they deserve it. Kou definitely deserved the ridicule he's gotten, the only alternative we have to give is pity.

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