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And also, the Gouf is being converted to a Master Grade after just recently
getting HGUC treatment. So that's definetl a crossover there.
 Honestly, I think Bandai is tearing down the barriers and are starting to
market HGUC as a cheaper and smaller alternative to the somewhat expensive
MG kits. Heck, they're now even making special chrome versions of HGUC kits,
just like they did with the MGs. So it's sort of a mini MG thing now.

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>Just wait, knowing Bandai, they'll release Wing Models under the HGUS
moniker making it totally confuing. Yes, I know the UC in HGUC means
Universal Century, but then again wasn't the HGUC line only supposed to
cover non MG Designs....

I've heard that there's supposed to be an MG Hyaku Shiki, which would mean
a HGUC/MG crossover. On the other hand, HGUC kits excluding MGs would
explain the lack of HGUC Doms or an HGUC Zaku I.


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