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I read somewhere that Kou was considered to personify the stereotypical view
of Gundam fans, or fans of anything in general. He's obsessed with mobile
suits and can't talk straight to women without panicking, and goes into
temper tantrums when he doesn't get what he wants. Just something I read, I
don't mean to rile anybody up :)
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<< of course another of the things that makes 0083 unique is that it shows
that the "good guys" don't always win, or make it a pyrric victory at best..
but since Kou didn't save the day i gues that's why many Gundam fans hate
him and love seeing him get dumped on.. he's only human.. too human
perhaps.. how many out there think thye could have handled that situatoin
any better than he did?


I could have handled it better, by not being such a wuss. I still can't see
why Nina fell for him. A cooler, more competent pilot would have been able
to handle the situation better than Kou.

The fact that Operation Stardust succeeded is irrelevant to the character of
Kou Uraki. We didn't need him to save the day, we just needed to have him
act like a MAN.

Gato was a legend even before his death.
Kou is now living in disgrace, a forgotten footnote in the world of the
Universal Century.

Oh, I find the fact that some people consider Kou to be the equal of Gato to
be very funny indeed.


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