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Dear List:

> Hmmm more emotional moments..
> Bubblegum Crisis: The episode where Priss has to kill her friend (who
> happened to be a Boomer...) and the equally sad next episode when the other
> Boomer chick tries to kill Priss. I've got an anime music video with footage
> taken from these two episodes and it get's me every time....

Yeah, the sad part being that Priss didn't actually get killed. I really hate
Priss for some reason. Must be her bad rock & roll music.

> Trigun: Erg. This is too new, and this is a fairly major plot point. Trigun
> spoilers ahead, if you haven't seen all 26, you don't want to keep reading.
> S
> P
> O
> I
> L
> E
> R
> S
> Well, Trigun had a lot of emotional moments. When Nicholas D. Wolfwood dies,
> I was practically in tears, and that doesn't happen very often. His
> acceptance of death was quite moving...

The thing is we knew that he was one of those Gung Ho Guns right from the start
and that he will join Vash, which eventually will lead to his death. The sheer
predictability didn't detract from the emotional impact however...

> Another would be the first time Vash _had_ to kill someone (the saxaphone
> playing Gung Hu Guns guy). If he didn't, Meryl and Millie were dead. You
> really felt for Vash right there.

I didn't really feel bad for Vash, in fact, I find his refusal to kill quite
frustrating (much like the way I feel about Kenshin...) They have let psycho
killers off the hook too easily, in the case of Kenshin, most of them reformed
miraculously (completely unrealistic) while in Vash's case they often remain
in their murderous ways.

> The episode on the SEED ship that was still in the sky, and after all the
> fighting, and the ship crashes, and it seems like everyone came out ok,
> Billy? Bobby? Can't remember the name, started with a B, takes a bullet
> meant for Vash...

Also the part when everyone on the ship was being slaughtered by the 3 (think
it was 3... could be 2) Gung Ho Guns who infiltrated the ship. That was pretty

The part about the girl he loved in the space ship dying was also very emotional.

> Hell, despite what it seems like at the start, Trigun is one of the most
> emotionally charged series' I've ever had the pleasure of watching.

I agree, Trigun has become one of my favourite series. I was actually drawn
in by the wacky humour in the beginning of the series, even though the story
took some unexpected turns towards the latter half, I enjoyed it more and

> ---
> Nicholas "Echo|Fox" Paufler


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