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Dom asks,

>Operation Lilac? *skims the scripts* Invade Earth? Hadn't they said before
>they'd tried a campaign of diplomacy? That doesn't sound very diplomatic. =\
>'If we rule the world, then they can't oppress us any more!' It *is* a
>straightforward solution, though. Heh.

  I'm assuming the invasion plan came between the diplomacy and the
world-destruction. :-)

>What about the other models of Gundam? (Leopard, Virsago, etc) Or do you
>include them as 'others'? (Though Roybea and Witz don't seem very newtypish.
>Neither does Garrod, come to think of it, but he does pilot the GX after
>all. Why did they make Tifa so spacy while the other newtypes seem so
>down-to-earth? Argh!)

  None of the good-guy Gundam pilots are newtypes; Garrod, Witz, and
Roybea aren't, and Jamil's lost his powers. Thus none of them can control
bit mobile suits or activate the satellite system without Tiffa's
intervention. (The Double X has been programmed with data from Jamil's
old Gundam, so it can simulate newtype powers to contact the lunar power

  As for the Virsago and Ashtaron, they're new mobile suits created after
the war by the New Federation. It's unclear whether they have flash
systems, but even if they did, the Frost brothers couldn't use them...

-- Mark

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