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> Unfortunately, CN had to hack the OVAs to pieces both to make sure that they
> would fit within the time constraints, and to deal with things that were
> inappropriate for American daytime television. I didn't see any of the CN
> version, but I've heard that on occasion, a small segment would be cut that
> completely alter the gist of a scene. And, of course, some of the funniest
> incidents (such as the "doctor" scene from episode 7), were undoubtedly
> entirely.

I only saw part of one of the OAVs, but I was amused to see that CN had painted
bathing suits on the girls in the bath scene. And not just bikinis, either, but
full one-piece maillots. (One was in red and the other some tawny color, as I
recall) That was okay for the linging in the pool bit, but gets a bit silly
when they're on the deck lathering up.

What was mmost amusing was that you could see their dilemma - they couldn't cut
the scene because the dialogue between the girls was the setup for the rest of
the program!

And this is on cable. Imagine what it'd be like if it had to be edited for
Saturday morning network TV.!


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