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> It was pretty drastic, but they were desperate at that point - after
> all, Operation Lilac had already failed.

Operation Lilac? *skims the scripts* Invade Earth? Hadn't they said before
they'd tried a campaign of diplomacy? That doesn't sound very diplomatic. =\
'If we rule the world, then they can't oppress us any more!' It *is* a
straightforward solution, though. Heh.

> They may have been dead already. About 99% of the human population was
> killed in the 7th Space War, after all - it's just a question as to how
> many of the spacenoid casualties were pre-colony drop. ;-)

Thanks for that thought. *rubs hands in glee*

> There are at least two Gundam X units, and at least one of each of the
> others. But I'd assume there weren't more than a few of them to go
> around. After all, they're designed for newtype pilots, and those are
> exceptionally rare.

What about the other models of Gundam? (Leopard, Virsago, etc) Or do you
include them as 'others'? (Though Roybea and Witz don't seem very newtypish.
Neither does Garrod, come to think of it, but he does pilot the GX after
all. Why did they make Tifa so spacy while the other newtypes seem so
down-to-earth? Argh!)

> >3) Is there any history at all on the previous six Space Wars? =P (I
> >it, but I gotta try. ^_~)
> Not really, but I'd note that when Gundam X aired, there had been six
> Tomino-created UC stories (First Gundam, Z, ZZ, CCA, F91, and V). Hm...

Ooh, clever. ^_~ I always thought X could be the far future of the UC
timeline. (I was pondering writing as if that were the case anyways.)

Just out of curiosity, and completely unrelated, has anyone started work on
Turn-A fansubs yet?

- dom

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