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Dom Tetreault asks,

>1) What posessed the spacenoids to drop colonies on the Earth? It seems a
>bit drastic, especially if the Earth Federation saw it was a lost cause and
>could have just gone out with their X-types and destroyed inhabited colonies
>at random.

  It was pretty drastic, but they were desperate at that point - after
all, Operation Lilac had already failed.

>Which brings up another point - what did they do with the
>inhabitants of the colonies being dropped?

  They may have been dead already. About 99% of the human population was
killed in the 7th Space War, after all - it's just a question as to how
many of the spacenoid casualties were pre-colony drop. ;-)

>2) How many of the Gundam X-types were produced? I mean, were they
>short-production-run MS like some of the old GMs (30-40) or were there
>scads? Are the Leopard, Air Master et al unique MS or mass-produced to some

  There are at least two Gundam X units, and at least one of each of the
others. But I'd assume there weren't more than a few of them to go
around. After all, they're designed for newtype pilots, and those are
exceptionally rare.

>3) Is there any history at all on the previous six Space Wars? =P (I doubt
>it, but I gotta try. ^_~)

  Not really, but I'd note that when Gundam X aired, there had been six
Tomino-created UC stories (First Gundam, Z, ZZ, CCA, F91, and V). Hm...

-- Mark

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