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Yeah! I found the hands at the bottom of my model junk drawer, now which
kit should I use them on.
I'm not sure if they are UC or AC scale. The ones I have are the boxy
fingers which go good with Gundam and GM kits, the rounded fingers look
great on Zaku and Dom type kits.

BTW, Wave also makes a set of hands for 1/144 scale kits, round and boxy.
 These are made out of plastic instead of metal and the fingers and thumb
are movable.
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Vince Leon

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Were they 1/144 UC scale or AC scale? There could be a big difference
there. I remember the metal hands I had came out around 0080's 1/144 kits
with rounded fingers, and there were ones made for Zeta kits with the boxy

But I kinda remember ones made for G gundam also. Not sure now... must be
the meds again :P
Gus Jae

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