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Request for X info.Dom, I'm still new to this list, but I've just received eps 1-20 of gundam x. Maybe after i've watched them, I could give you a hand.
(or answer some questions).

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  I'm gearing up to write a Gundam X fanfic set before (and possibly including part of) the Seventh Space War. Tried to do a bit of research on the web since I haven't seen quite a few episodes, but alas, Gundam X seems to be the weakest of sisters in the Gundam universe (but I already knew that =P) and I can't find much of anything. So if anyone can answer these questions I'd appreciate it:

  1) What posessed the spacenoids to drop colonies on the Earth? It seems a bit drastic, especially if the Earth Federation saw it was a lost cause and could have just gone out with their X-types and destroyed inhabited colonies at random. Which brings up another point - what did they do with the inhabitants of the colonies being dropped? Let 'em die? Distribute them to other colonies? As I recall, in the X intro they dropped a *lot* of colonies so if that was the case, either things were very overcrowded or they sacrificed a hell of a lot of civilians. But it's been a couple years so I might be remembering wrong.

  2) How many of the Gundam X-types were produced? I mean, were they short-production-run MS like some of the old GMs (30-40) or were there scads? Are the Leopard, Air Master et al unique MS or mass-produced to some degree? (I'm assuming they were all produced prior to the war since I doubt *any* faction is capable of producing MS now. It's very hard to believe they can go from having civilization essentially wiped out, to building MS in only fifteen years.)

  3) Is there any history at all on the previous six Space Wars? =P (I doubt it, but I gotta try. ^_~)

  I'm rereading the fansub scripts (which is hard, but it's bringing back memories) so I'll probably have more questions later. =) Thanks.

  - dom

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