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> Dom Tetreault wrote:
> On Thursday, August 10, 2000 9:25 PM, Leslie_R [SMTP:trojan@atoka.net]
> wrote:
> > of course another of the things that makes 0083 unique is that it
> shows
> > that the "good guys" don't always win, or make it a pyrric victory
> at
> > best.. but since Kou didn't save the day i gues that's why many
> Gundam
> > fans hate him and love seeing him get dumped on.. he's only human..
> too
> > human perhaps.. how many out there think thye could have handled
> that
> > situatoin any better than he did?
> Ahh, I dunno if it's because he didn't save the day. Burning was his
> superior and *he* didn't save the day - he got killed. But nobody
> hates him. =) I personally don't like Kou because he's impulsive and
> obsessive. ('Gato! Gato! Where are you? Ahhhh!') And stupid. Not only
> are carrots good for you, but they prevent the cloudy thinking that
> made him believe he could take on Delaz & Co. in the unmodified GP01.
> Monsha may be a loud-mouthed braggart, but he has a level head in
> combat and can at least follow orders. =)
> I personally would have liked to see Chuck Keith pilot the Gundams but
> that's just 'cos he's my favourite pilot in 0083 and I'm horribly
> biased towards him for everything.
> - dom

ahhh well, maybe i just identify too much with Kou.. scary isn't it?


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