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On Thu, 10 Aug 2000 23:49:23 -0700 (PDT) Soimichiro Watanabe <> wrote:
>Another animated movie that I loved: Transformers.
>This had a ton of scenes that was cool...
>When Megatron ambushed the Autobot ship in the very
>opening, killing off several series aces.

I just have a problem with so many of them dieing so easily....I don't know. I'm just not sure I see it.

>Hotrod racing down after learning the Decepticons were on
>the ship and "Dare" was the BGM...

Loved that scene. Especially the interaction between him and Kup.

>When Optimus arrives on earth to help the Autobots and "The
>Touch" was the BGM...

Oh yeah. Loved how he just plowed through so many Decepticreeps (as Ironhide put it...damn, but he was one of the coolest Autobots...too bad he died).

>Death of Optimus Prime (the scene and the musical score.)

Definately. Very moving scene.

>Birth of Galvatron.

I'm just not sure Leonard Nimoy was the right choice of voice. It just didn't quite...sound right.

>Hotrod opens the matrix of leadership.

Good scene too.

>that's all I can remember for now...

Yeah, same here. Might have to watch my tape again. Or listen to my soundtrack.


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