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> > Another animated movie that I loved: Transformers.
> >
> > This had a ton of scenes that was cool...
> Heh... I was going to bring this up as one where I had
> found both emotional moments and funny moments...
> As far as emotional, well, the death of Optimus Prime
> long touched me as the most sad moment I had ever seen
> in the movies, though do keep in mind I was something
> like... 8? 9? When it came out. ;)
> And as far as humor, I'll still crack up when the
> Dinobots burst onto the (not Sharkticons, the robots
> they worked for who I can't remember) and crush the
> majordomo who'd been holding Kup and Hot Rod.
> Tentacles flailing underneath the door, Slag leans
> over and politely says "Excuse me!" Ah, memories.

They worked for the Quintacons.
The one that was under the door, I don't it was ever given a name.

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