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Chris Maier and Soimichiro Watanabe write:

> >But what really struck me was
> > the pressence of
> > Wing Zero custom-weren't all Gundams supposed to have
> > been blown up(I'm
> > aware that the Wing Zero was heavily damaged, but we
> > never saw Heero push
> > the detonation switch)? Maybe Preventer keeps it as a bit
> > of insurance.
>Yep, the Wing Zero Custom was indeed haevily damaged, and
>yes, Heero never disposed of the remains either.
>Suprisingly, Wufei blew up the nataku...

I had kinda suspected this myself. We never did actually SEE Heero blowing
up Zero, although I think most people assume he probably did, based on the
ending. However, I was suspicious about it myself until I saw the Ep Zero
manga... ;)

>odd note: when Quatre self destructed the Sandrock in the
>anime series, it was said that it remained mostly intact,
>and that's why the Maganaucs were easily able to rebuild
>it. Hmmm...

Yep, just the same as Zechs was able to rebuild the Wing Gundam... and even
come up with enough scrap gundanium and fake parts to make a dummy to fool

>There's a bit of inconsistency in design since the
>operation meteor chapter shows the Kunio Ookawara versions
>of the mechs and yet the Wing Zero shown in the Preventer 5
>chapter is the one made by Hajime Katoki (i was hoping they
>might use the Ver. Ka gundams even once).

Actually, they did. We once again see Trowa's flashback scene from Endless
Waltz, where the "real" Trowa Barton is talking to him and showing him his
picture of baby Mariemaia. In the background is the chest for the Heavyarms
Ver. Ka, just like in the animation. And yes, I was disappointed to see the
Ookawara versions used during the Operation Meteor launch scenes. Don't want
to sound TOO bitter, but in my opinion, though Ookawara did revolutionary
work at the time of the original Gundam, over the years he's turned into a
washed-up hack with little originality left who just needs to RETIRE...

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