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> of course another of the things that makes 0083 unique is that it shows
> that the "good guys" don't always win, or make it a pyrric victory at
> best.. but since Kou didn't save the day i gues that's why many Gundam
> fans hate him and love seeing him get dumped on.. he's only human.. too
> human perhaps.. how many out there think thye could have handled that
> situatoin any better than he did?

Ahh, I dunno if it's because he didn't save the day. Burning was his
superior and *he* didn't save the day - he got killed. But nobody hates him.
=) I personally don't like Kou because he's impulsive and obsessive. ('Gato!
Gato! Where are you? Ahhhh!') And stupid. Not only are carrots good for
you, but they prevent the cloudy thinking that made him believe he could
take on Delaz & Co. in the unmodified GP01. Monsha may be a loud-mouthed
braggart, but he has a level head in combat and can at least follow orders.

I personally would have liked to see Chuck Keith pilot the Gundams but
that's just 'cos he's my favourite pilot in 0083 and I'm horribly biased
towards him for everything.

- dom

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