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--- Chris Maier <> wrote:
> I have a few questions regarding this section of the
> Episode Zero manga-it
> appears to me that it takes place after Endless Waltz...

yep, it does happen in AC 197. Episode zero contains
several chapters pertaining to to the gundam pilot's and
relena pasts, the pre-operation meteor events and one
chapter that happens after EW.

>But what really struck me was
> the pressence of
> Wing Zero custom-weren't all Gundams supposed to have
> been blown up(I'm
> aware that the Wing Zero was heavily damaged, but we
> never saw Heero push
> the detonation switch)? Maybe Preventer keeps it as a bit
> of insurance.

Yep, the Wing Zero Custom was indeed haevily damaged, and
yes, Heero never disposed of the remains either.
Suprisingly, Wufei blew up the nataku...

odd note: when Quatre self destructed the Sandrock in the
anime series, it was said that it remained mostly intact,
and that's why the Maganaucs were easily able to rebuild
it. Hmmm...

> Anyway, it looks like all the Gundam guys join Preventer.
> But I'm a little
> bit confused about how this story fits in and the
> presence of Wing Zero
> Custom. Anybody know more about this?

The story is after EW so it does not conflict with the

There's a bit of inconsistency in design since the
operation meteor chapter shows the Kunio Ookawara versions
of the mechs and yet the Wing Zero shown in the Preventer 5
chapter is the one made by Hajime Katoki (i was hoping they
might use the Ver. Ka gundams even once).

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