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> << I prefered the original Tenchi series (whats the deal with
> all the alternate universes?) but there are a lot of great
> scenes in Forever, also some really cute scenes from Pretty Sammy... >>
> You mean the O.V.A Tenchi series, right? I'm glad CN show that First(I hope
> that's the one you mean), as the Tenchi that's being shown now, doesn't the
> "feel" that the OVA did.

Unfortunately, CN had to hack the OVAs to pieces both to make sure that they
would fit within the time constraints, and to deal with things that were
inappropriate for American daytime television. I didn't see any of the CN
version, but I've heard that on occasion, a small segment would be cut that would
completely alter the gist of a scene. And, of course, some of the funniest
incidents (such as the "doctor" scene from episode 7), were undoubtedly removed

> The series playing now isn't as funny and isn't as good as the OVA. Its
> good, but its just seems "off" and "mediocre" compared to the OVA. I like
> both, but I like the OVA better.

I don't have cable, so I haven't seen beyond the first seven episodes of Tenchi
Universe (the first Tenchi TV series), but I understand that the last half-dozen
episodes are supposed to make the first twenty episodes worth whatever grief you
have to put up with. There's also one more TV series (Tenchi in Tokyo, or Shin
Tenchi Muyo!), but its not very well liked.

> Tenchi yells too much! I guess I would too with all those crazies around
> Tenchi! ;) I liked the OVA Tenchi better.
> I fully understand fans complaints about it now. Tenchi Universe is
> diffentally an "alternate" story. It defines the word "alternate" perfectlly!
> :)
> One question, is Tenchi's Grandfather's true identity the same as it was in
> the OVA? There, I managed to avoid too big of a spoiler, at least I hope so!

The best answer to this question is, sort of. You'll see as the series winds


"I want your balls, please!"
        --Ryoko, Tenchi Muyo! OVA

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