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>I'd staple my eyelids to my butt to be able to read Japanese. Anyway, are
>there any English Gundam manga available? I'm too lazy to go looking for
>myself, and I figure everyone but me knows the answer. So, what, if any, is

Mixx has released the complete story of Blue Destiny in a single volume.
They are now releasing the Wing manga, I believe the first pocketbook
compilation (out of 3) has been released too.

Viz had the 0083 filmbook and they started translating Kondo's manga version
of 0079, but stopped releasing it earlier this year. I think they blamed
the lack of sales for stopping the series.


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>Subject: [gundam] Episode Zero:Preventer 5
>I have a few questions regarding this section of the Episode Zero manga-it
>appears to me that it takes place after Endless Waltz, since Wufei becomes a
>preventer at the end of it. Apparentally it seems Relena gets held hostage
>by terrorists, and Wufei tries to recruit the other Gundam pilots into the
>organizations to help her. But what really struck me was the pressence of
>Wing Zero custom-weren't all Gundams supposed to have been blown up(I'm
>aware that the Wing Zero was heavily damaged, but we never saw Heero push
>the detonation switch)? Maybe Preventer keeps it as a bit of insurance.
>Anyway, it looks like all the Gundam guys join Preventer. But I'm a little
>bit confused about how this story fits in and the presence of Wing Zero
>Custom. Anybody know more about this?
>Here's the link to the scanned manga:
> http://www.gundamwing.org/epzero/preventer.html
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