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> The end of all three Sailor Moon series (seasons?) I've
> seen thus far. Season 1: Usagi's friends all die before
> she can reach Beryl, and she almost breaks down, but then
> finds the strength to go on, mostly because of Rei, and
> then she calls on all of their spirits to help her defeat
> Beryl

Oi! I cried when Minako (Sailor Venus) fired that one last
Crescent Beam straight into the forehead of the enemy
before she died.

> Season 3: Usagi transforming despite her lack of power,
> to help save Saturn, the Soldier of Destruction, and then
> she emerges holding on to Hotaru as a baby. Ok, this
> wasn't quite the end, but close enough.

This was a cool scene, it was emotional in a way that it
was a morale boost out of the blue....

Another animated movie that I loved: Transformers.

This had a ton of scenes that was cool...

When Megatron ambushed the Autobot ship in the very
opening, killing off several series aces.

Hotrod racing down after learning the Decepticons were on
the ship and "Dare" was the BGM...

When Optimus arrives on earth to help the Autobots and "The
Touch" was the BGM...

Death of Optimus Prime (the scene and the musical score.)

Birth of Galvatron.

Hotrod opens the matrix of leadership.

that's all I can remember for now...

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