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> --- Soimichiro Watanabe
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> > From FFVII: Aerith's death. nuff said.
> That's a good one. After watching that, I sort of
> felt like I'd been gut-punched.

I'd say. Come to think of it, I liked Tifa a lot more than
Aeris, but I just couldn't understand why that scene hurt
so much....

Kinda like when Amuro killed Lalah, I always thought that
Sayla was much more cuter, (though Amuro obviously prefered
Lalah) could almost feel Amuro's pain after driving
that saber in there...

> To add to that, when
> Red XIII was talking to his grandfather was another
> moment.

I almost cried in the scene when Nanaki swore to be a brave
and proud warrior in front of his petrified dad.

> And, though it's probably been said and I missed it,
> the end of Tenchi Forever, which I saw last night.
> Wow.

I prefered the original Tenchi series (whats the deal with
all the alternate universes?) but there are a lot of great
scenes in Forever, also some really cute scenes from Pretty Sammy...

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